Pictolang© is the application side of the CAPL project, featuring language and cultural learning content through authentic imagery. The games in Pictolang© are generated dynamically, meaning the collections with more content will have more options. Donate today to increase the content or see our collaborations section if you are a linguistic scholar interested in adding a language.
Visual Word Trainer
The Pictolang© flash cards use split-brain research to train you passively in word–image recognition. The authentic images teach you to recognize visually as well as textually and train words in the appropriate context.
Analyst Game
The most challenging game at Pictolang© Can you identify the culture from which an image comes? This takes a broad knowledge base of multiple cultures and is particularly difficult with languages featuring subsets like Spanish.
Word Match Game
Word Match allows you to train your ability to match an image to a variety of linguistic content.
Picture Match Game
Picture Match allows you to train your ability to match a word with its appropriate visual counterpart.
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